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One of my biggest reasons for loving open-source.

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The fact that some young kid in his basement in Kansas could possibly come up with an app that meets a very unique need of mine and change my world for the better. If that doesn’t promote creativity, flexibility and innovation, I don’t know what does.

Apps weren’t even on my radar until I bought my Android phone. Now they’re huge and just one of several reasons why I love my phone. Thanks Google for bringing more fun, better efficiency and damn impressive technology into my life.


More thoughts on location-based networks for us females…

In apps, location-based, mobile technology, smartphones, Social media on September 5, 2010 at 4:57 pm

The site that keeps popping up in my mind when it comes to location-based services is, a site devoted to “raising awareness about inadvertent information sharing.”

That being said, anyone who opts-in to location-based networks (LBNs) is fully aware they’re broadcasting their location as that’s the premise. But I think some folks new to mobile technology, regardless of whether they subscribe to foursquare or any other location app  may not be aware of how public their information is. I know I wasn’t.

Also, I wasn’t really comfortable griping about location-based technology in my earlier post without having tried it. So I did. The result? I  still think it’s creepy. Let me explain.

My first “check-in” was at a local gym. It’s a large gym but I noted I was the only female out of 5 people who had recently checked in. Ok, whatever. Then during my workout, an ad popped up on the bottom of my application that said “peaches347 is .7 miles away, would you like to chat?” Yikes. Who is peaches? And why do I want to chat when I’m working out?

Unfortunately my first test drive kinda confirmed how this system could easily be abused by weirdos. Again, not that everyone is a weirdo but my sense is that with location-based stuff, and mobile in general, things are still so new that as women we really need to be careful and aware of what we’re getting ourselves into.

Just an FYI chickees….

The trouble with location-based features, from a female perspective…

In Facebook, location-based, mobile technology, Privacy, smartphones, Social media on August 19, 2010 at 4:40 pm

The other day I was walking my dog while listening to music on my phone. As I went to change songs, I noticed an ad at the bottom of the app. It was for pet sitting services in my town. MY TOWN?? My heart skipped a beat. Subtle paranoia set in. Looking around I thought…who the hell knows I’m out here with my dog and decided to hit me up with an ad??

Mr. Madison Ave. is getting dangerously close. Now granted, not every dude or person wants to do harm. But for every tons of good folks out there, it only takes one to screw it up. For me, a complimentary beverage or badge isn’t worth the attention of Mr. Stalker across the bar. It just plain creeps me out.

A little harsh? Maybe. Paranoid? Probably. But just my gut. If you’re female and feel differently, by all means tell me.

Hello Blog? You have a message.

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A new feature offered by WordPress….what do you think?! Should I delete and never do again? The clip is about 2 minutes in length. Hmmm…to be determined I guess.

Please be gentle.

I think I’m becoming the woman I use to hate.

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You’ve seen her…head down, cell phone in hand, fingers frantically typing, confused look, usually stopped dead in the middle of sidewalk.

But today that was me. I was at the gym attempting to use a fitness app on my Motorola Droid. From the time I exited the women’s locker room to the moment my ass hit the mat for some stretching, I stared down at the phone, transfixed. Occasionally I would look up to steer myself in the right direction. Most people coming towards me looked annoyed, others curious. When I finally got the app working, I put the phone down and it felt like…tah-dah! Welcome back to the reality! My God, I thought. That level of distraction was frightening. 

It’s a defining moment…when suddenly you becomes “them.” Have you been there? Do you know what I’m speaking of? I wonder if this was just a temporary dalliance in such annoying behavior or….scary to think… am I now becoming one of those addicted to their phones?

Zero friends? Try Chat Roulette.

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Rather than getting friends via Facebook…

Tonight I was watching South Park’s “You have 0 friends” episode. The clip below is when their discussing Chat Roulette. I needed a good laugh, and did so OUT LOUD. Hope you do, too. Oh, and viewer discretion is advised.

And you thought facebook was an invasion of privacy…

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Want to freak out? Pay a visit to and type in your name. You’ll likely find yourself listed, and when you do, realize you’ve just met your internet stalker. Spokeo is just one of many social network aggregators, and the level of info it has on a person is frightening. For starters, it gives your age, marital status, zodiac sign, if you have children, and the type of neighborhood you live in (middle, affluent, wealthy). Then it goes on to list your likes and dislikes (enjoys shopping, reads magazines, cares about health, watches news), and the names of others that live with you. If you’re really curious, you can pay for a membership which I believe gives you whole other layer of intimate detail.

I learned about this site from a guy I was dating who said he plugged in my name. It sorta skeeved me out and should have been a red flag. (We’re not together anymore… yeah, trust issues obviously).

Regardless, just one more example of privacy flying out the window.

Privacy issues and Facebook. More harm than good?

In Privacy, Privacy issues, Privacy policy, Social media, Social Network on April 30, 2010 at 9:57 am

Privacy and Facebook seem to be mutually exclusive. The site continually unlocks more of our information over the internet without our knowledge. Essentially, more dish on our habits means more cash for them.

Will this ultimately backfire? I feel like it will but maybe I’m wrong. Personally, I’m more private than public. With stolen identity issues, people’s homes being robbed post tweet, and the backlash from inappropriate posting, etc., I think to err on the side of privacy just makes more sense. The problem is then compounded by the fact that Facebook makes such changes without really telling users or making it easy for them to opt out.

Earlier this week I came across an article in the UK’s Telegraph, written back in January about how Facebook’s founder says privacy is no longer a social norm. (Find that article here.)

Ugh. If that’s the case, at least give me the choice of how, when, and where I’d like to go public.  I’d like to think putting customer choice before profits will never go out of style.

My new diagnosis….social media addiction.

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Please know I’m kidding….mostly.

I jumped in (I mean REALLY jumped in) to social media about one month ago, and the experience has been fantastic. However, I’m noticing some significant changes in my behavior. For example…..constant checking of  blog stats, heart-rate increases when blog views are up, semi-depressed when views plummet. More “external” ones include…skipping meals, blowing off the gym, almost violent when interrupted while at computer, mind racing with all sorts of ideas, and exhaustion.

Having worked in the field of behavioral health, I know such behavior might concern some. But awareness is half the problem solved, as they say. I’d like to think it’s because I’m enjoying myself, passionate about what I’m doing, and fully embracing the fast pace of new media.  I’ve tasted such exhilaration before, as I had a pretty successful stint in sales.

It’s often a fine line between genuine adrenaline and well, pure insanity. I’m not worried though as I’ve already learned the importance of balance in my life. I know I need to slow down, maybe turn back on that Mindfulness Bell app and hit the gym.

Nonetheless, I’ll take a shot of adrenaline any day.