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One of my biggest reasons for loving open-source.

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The fact that some young kid in his basement in Kansas could possibly come up with an app that meets a very unique need of mine and change my world for the better. If that doesn’t promote creativity, flexibility and innovation, I don’t know what does.

Apps weren’t even on my radar until I bought my Android phone. Now they’re huge and just one of several reasons why I love my phone. Thanks Google for bringing more fun, better efficiency and damn impressive technology into my life.


Hello Blog? You have a message.

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A new feature offered by WordPress….what do you think?! Should I delete and never do again? The clip is about 2 minutes in length. Hmmm…to be determined I guess.

Please be gentle.

The Android Invasion

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Came across a comment posted by “CharlesEyepz2pon” in response to article on Android. Think it does a great job on describing the “why” for open source…..

“It’s called an open source community. It’s the closest thing to democracy in the digital world because everyone gets a say in the goings on. That’s why Android OS gets more updates than any other mobile OS. We speak, they listen. We have the gifts of freedom and choice. With those gifts comes the responsibility to watch each other’s backs. This used to be common in every day life, neighbors watched out for each other. If someone moved in down the road and started peddling drugs, they were reported and run-out (unlike today when most will turn a blind eye or move.) The Android Market is the same way. If you see someone doing wrong, it’s your responsibility to your fellow man (and woman alike) to do something about it. Android is based on the idea that people are smart enough to make good decisions and to realize that when they get taken advantage of that it’s not Google’s fault.

For those who don’t want the “hassles” that go with freedom and choice don’t worry, there are dictatorships out there who are more than happy to tell you what you want and don’t want. They know deep down you’re not smart enough to make common sense decisions about what’s good and bad. And they know damn well you’re too selfish to watch out for anybody but yourself! The Android invasion is here and they’re programmed to eat Apples and break Windows!”


“Quantifying the Mobile Data Tsunami”

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The future lies in everything mobile. Given the great experience I’ve had with my Motorola Droid, I think it’s only a matter of time before everyone owns a smartphone.

But according to Nielsen, full adoption has a long way to go. A recent study of their’s reports “there is a growing need to educate smartphone users. With about 23 percent smart phone penetration in the United States, we are still in the early adopter phase. A quarter of these early adopters are not using their device for data services at all. They use exactly zero MB per month. For some reason these customers have purchased a miracle in engineering and technology that has more computing power than what was used to get men safely to the moon and back and yet they only use their smartphone for phone calls and text messaging.”

Yikes. I admit, I’m a light user. Smartphones have a steep learning curve and the change in behavior required to fully integrate the device into one’s life is HUGE. It doesn’t surprise me most have yet to budge, but once they do….??!

Motorola Droid. An example of the lack of women in technology?

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I have yet to meet, in person, another woman who owns a Motorola Droid. The phone’s touted as one of the best android phones on the market. Sure the design isn’t very female friendly, but is that really why women aren’t buying it? Some argue the marketing targets men. If all I watched was sports and Two and a Half Men on TV, then maybe. But somehow I saw the commercials.

Also… I’ve been a longtime member of Meetup, a terrific site whose mission is to connect people online so they can then meet offline. Recently I joined some Meetup groups focused on mobile technology. I’ve been to 5 so far, and at only two was there one other female.

Don’t get me wrong…there are very many talented women in technology. I’m just surprised at the prevalence of men.

Female Droid owner? Check out

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I’m a big fan of this site. When I first got my Droid I felt pretty alone. Lots of male owners, but hardly any females. Then I found womenwithdroids. They have ongoing case giveaways and regularly review apps targeted to females. If you’re looking for better options on anything female for the Droid for that matter, be sure to start there!

Loving the droid…from a female perspective.

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Ok, I gotta admit. When I first got my Motorola Droid, the clunkiness alone made me wonder, is this for me? It’s so…unladylike. But wow, I’m over it.

Cruising through the android marketplace makes me giddy. The apps are awesome. I’m especially intrigued by the (eh-hem) girly-er ones. Recipes, calorie counters, beauty tips, self-help quotes, office yoga, women’s body stats, pregnancy widgets, and even ones that let you track your menstrual cycle (ok, are guys making these??). Now again, apps are new to me. I only upgraded to my Motorola Droid a month and a half ago. Before that I had a Sony Erickson 580i that did squat.

Are all these apps top-notch? Not necessarily…and I admit, ovulation tracking is not a priority for me. But despite all the Droid’s manly features, these give one a peek into the endless women-related opportunities via Android. Woo-hoo!

Free Motorola Droid case giveaway!

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…and all that’s required is you be the first to post a comment to my blog! The case is black and made of rubber. Kinda cool, actually, but way to manly for me.

How’s that for salesmanship. The truth is, the more feminine case I ordered from Amazon just arrived today. I would have posted a video to show you my new case but it turns out I have to pay $59 for an upgrade to upload a video in wordpress. Ouch. Little did I know about the fee…..I nearly spent the whole day doing the damn video. On my acer netbook no less. (You know, the thing I want to sell??) And all for naught.

Anyway – I hope someone writes soon!