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One of my biggest reasons for loving open-source.

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The fact that some young kid in his basement in Kansas could possibly come up with an app that meets a very unique need of mine and change my world for the better. If that doesn’t promote creativity, flexibility and innovation, I don’t know what does.

Apps weren’t even on my radar until I bought my Android phone. Now they’re huge and just one of several reasons why I love my phone. Thanks Google for bringing more fun, better efficiency and damn impressive technology into my life.


“Google Android to Pass iPhone Worldwide by 2012”

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See the article here

Never shot a gun? Try this unique Android app…

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Enter the SchottGunn app from the Android marketplace.

I actually have this app grouped with my stress-relief apps. Essentially the app simulates shooting with a shot-gun. It shows a picture of a rifle on the screen with a bullet underneath it. When you shake your phone back and forth once, your phone makes the sound of gun being cocked. Then, when you hold your arm out straight and point the gun at something, a gunshot goes off. HILARIOUS.

I feel a little wacky liking this app but then I think about all the violent video games. It really does wonders for my stress since I literally laugh out loud when I use it.

It’s funny, I’ve seen people do a trick with their dog where , when they point their finger at them and make the sound of a gunshot, then the dog lies down and plays dead. Talk about bringing it up a notch…..

Motorola Droid. An example of the lack of women in technology?

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I have yet to meet, in person, another woman who owns a Motorola Droid. The phone’s touted as one of the best android phones on the market. Sure the design isn’t very female friendly, but is that really why women aren’t buying it? Some argue the marketing targets men. If all I watched was sports and Two and a Half Men on TV, then maybe. But somehow I saw the commercials.

Also… I’ve been a longtime member of Meetup, a terrific site whose mission is to connect people online so they can then meet offline. Recently I joined some Meetup groups focused on mobile technology. I’ve been to 5 so far, and at only two was there one other female.

Don’t get me wrong…there are very many talented women in technology. I’m just surprised at the prevalence of men.

One of the most interesting Android apps…..the Mindfulness Bell.

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With everyone so busy these days, I was pleasantly surprised to come across the Mindfulness Bell on the Android Marketplace.  Here’s its description….

The Mindfulness Bell rings periodically during the day, to give you the opportunity to hold on for a moment and consider what you are currently doing, and in what state of mind you are while you are doing it. According to the Buddhist teacher Thich Nhat Hanh, this is an effective means of developing mindfulness.

The sound of the bell is wild. You’ll be in the middle of doing something at home and “b….o…n…..g.” It really makes me stop and appreciate being in the moment.

Loving the droid…from a female perspective.

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Ok, I gotta admit. When I first got my Motorola Droid, the clunkiness alone made me wonder, is this for me? It’s so…unladylike. But wow, I’m over it.

Cruising through the android marketplace makes me giddy. The apps are awesome. I’m especially intrigued by the (eh-hem) girly-er ones. Recipes, calorie counters, beauty tips, self-help quotes, office yoga, women’s body stats, pregnancy widgets, and even ones that let you track your menstrual cycle (ok, are guys making these??). Now again, apps are new to me. I only upgraded to my Motorola Droid a month and a half ago. Before that I had a Sony Erickson 580i that did squat.

Are all these apps top-notch? Not necessarily…and I admit, ovulation tracking is not a priority for me. But despite all the Droid’s manly features, these give one a peek into the endless women-related opportunities via Android. Woo-hoo!

Twitter…easier than you think!

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At least to sign up, that is.

A week or so ago while watching Dancing With The Stars last night with a friend, we found google’s “updates” page where viewers’ tweets about the show were being posted in real-time. It was like…a thousand of our friends all in the same room watching the show together. Seriously! At that point there was no doubt in my mind, I had to join twitter ASAP. And voila! Signing up was a helluva lot easier than I thought. Just 3 easy steps. Of course (the next obvious question), did I tweet? HELL NO. I’ll cross that bridge soon enough. But really, is all this intimidation I feel about social media just in my head?

Topeka’s gone Google.

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Picture this….it’s early a.m. and a government employee sits in his office, the smell of coffee wafting in from down the hall. He’s leaning on his desk, head in his hands, surrounded by stacks of white paper. His mind is racing….the city’s budget crisis…healthcare reform…. town hall meetings…But wait! A thought squeezes in…let’s change the name! YES! GOOGLE! History-packed Topeka will now be Google!

Is this for real?? I wonder what Topeka constituents saying??