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More thoughts on location-based networks for us females…

In apps, location-based, mobile technology, smartphones, Social media on September 5, 2010 at 4:57 pm

The site that keeps popping up in my mind when it comes to location-based services is, a site devoted to “raising awareness about inadvertent information sharing.”

That being said, anyone who opts-in to location-based networks (LBNs) is fully aware they’re broadcasting their location as that’s the premise. But I think some folks new to mobile technology, regardless of whether they subscribe to foursquare or any other location app  may not be aware of how public their information is. I know I wasn’t.

Also, I wasn’t really comfortable griping about location-based technology in my earlier post without having tried it. So I did. The result? I  still think it’s creepy. Let me explain.

My first “check-in” was at a local gym. It’s a large gym but I noted I was the only female out of 5 people who had recently checked in. Ok, whatever. Then during my workout, an ad popped up on the bottom of my application that said “peaches347 is .7 miles away, would you like to chat?” Yikes. Who is peaches? And why do I want to chat when I’m working out?

Unfortunately my first test drive kinda confirmed how this system could easily be abused by weirdos. Again, not that everyone is a weirdo but my sense is that with location-based stuff, and mobile in general, things are still so new that as women we really need to be careful and aware of what we’re getting ourselves into.

Just an FYI chickees….


The Android Invasion

In Android, Apple, apps, Droid, mobile technology, Motorola Droid, Smartphone, Verizon Motorola Droid on July 11, 2010 at 7:26 am

Came across a comment posted by “CharlesEyepz2pon” in response to article on Android. Think it does a great job on describing the “why” for open source…..

“It’s called an open source community. It’s the closest thing to democracy in the digital world because everyone gets a say in the goings on. That’s why Android OS gets more updates than any other mobile OS. We speak, they listen. We have the gifts of freedom and choice. With those gifts comes the responsibility to watch each other’s backs. This used to be common in every day life, neighbors watched out for each other. If someone moved in down the road and started peddling drugs, they were reported and run-out (unlike today when most will turn a blind eye or move.) The Android Market is the same way. If you see someone doing wrong, it’s your responsibility to your fellow man (and woman alike) to do something about it. Android is based on the idea that people are smart enough to make good decisions and to realize that when they get taken advantage of that it’s not Google’s fault.

For those who don’t want the “hassles” that go with freedom and choice don’t worry, there are dictatorships out there who are more than happy to tell you what you want and don’t want. They know deep down you’re not smart enough to make common sense decisions about what’s good and bad. And they know damn well you’re too selfish to watch out for anybody but yourself! The Android invasion is here and they’re programmed to eat Apples and break Windows!”


“Quantifying the Mobile Data Tsunami”

In Android, apps, cellphone usage, cellphones, data usage, mobile technology, Motorola Droid, Smartphone on July 10, 2010 at 6:17 pm

The future lies in everything mobile. Given the great experience I’ve had with my Motorola Droid, I think it’s only a matter of time before everyone owns a smartphone.

But according to Nielsen, full adoption has a long way to go. A recent study of their’s reports “there is a growing need to educate smartphone users. With about 23 percent smart phone penetration in the United States, we are still in the early adopter phase. A quarter of these early adopters are not using their device for data services at all. They use exactly zero MB per month. For some reason these customers have purchased a miracle in engineering and technology that has more computing power than what was used to get men safely to the moon and back and yet they only use their smartphone for phone calls and text messaging.”

Yikes. I admit, I’m a light user. Smartphones have a steep learning curve and the change in behavior required to fully integrate the device into one’s life is HUGE. It doesn’t surprise me most have yet to budge, but once they do….??!

I think I’m becoming the woman I use to hate.

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You’ve seen her…head down, cell phone in hand, fingers frantically typing, confused look, usually stopped dead in the middle of sidewalk.

But today that was me. I was at the gym attempting to use a fitness app on my Motorola Droid. From the time I exited the women’s locker room to the moment my ass hit the mat for some stretching, I stared down at the phone, transfixed. Occasionally I would look up to steer myself in the right direction. Most people coming towards me looked annoyed, others curious. When I finally got the app working, I put the phone down and it felt like…tah-dah! Welcome back to the reality! My God, I thought. That level of distraction was frightening. 

It’s a defining moment…when suddenly you becomes “them.” Have you been there? Do you know what I’m speaking of? I wonder if this was just a temporary dalliance in such annoying behavior or….scary to think… am I now becoming one of those addicted to their phones?

Need help tracking your menstrual cycle? Try this app…

In Android 2.0, Android Marketplace, apps, menstrual cycle, Motorola Droid, period, PMS on May 11, 2010 at 6:05 pm

I was hesitant to download it, but the My Days app on the Android  market is pretty cool. It tracks the following; when your period starts, when it ends, when your next one is due, when you have sex, when your most fertile, when you’re ovulating, and when you take the pill. Wow.

My biggest issue with this app is that some stranger, somewhere, now knows when I’m PMSing. God forbid I open the app and see an ad for tampons in the future, as that would  mean some brand manager for Kotex knows my cycle too. But I digress…

The app is very straight forward. I entered the first and last day that Aunt Flow visited. To throw a wrench into things, I reported I had sex 5x as much as I really do just to see what would happen. After entering this info, it seemed like the app did nothing. But then I flipped to the next month and aha…there it was….the day I would likely ovulate and those when I was “highly fertile.” Wild.

I then went back and erased most of the days I “reportedly” had sex and nothing changed. I guess this feature is for my info, or I have yet to figure it out.

Overall it felt very different to have such info in the palm of my hand. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to my gyno and gone blank when my doctor asks “So when was your last period?”

Problem solved.

Never shot a gun? Try this unique Android app…

In Android 2.0, Android Marketplace, apps, best android app, Google, Reviews, Schottgun app, Verizon Motorola Droid on May 3, 2010 at 4:33 pm

Enter the SchottGunn app from the Android marketplace.

I actually have this app grouped with my stress-relief apps. Essentially the app simulates shooting with a shot-gun. It shows a picture of a rifle on the screen with a bullet underneath it. When you shake your phone back and forth once, your phone makes the sound of gun being cocked. Then, when you hold your arm out straight and point the gun at something, a gunshot goes off. HILARIOUS.

I feel a little wacky liking this app but then I think about all the violent video games. It really does wonders for my stress since I literally laugh out loud when I use it.

It’s funny, I’ve seen people do a trick with their dog where , when they point their finger at them and make the sound of a gunshot, then the dog lies down and plays dead. Talk about bringing it up a notch…..