And female. Is there hope?


Simply put? My Android phone’s changed my life.

I was never big on social media. The whole blogging, twitter, Facebook, linked-in, apps thing… it’s all incredibly intimidating. But then I got my Droid and !POW!

About me – pretty techie for your average female and long-time fan of open source who firmly believes everything’s goin’ mobile! Used to own a crappy Sony Ericcson phone that completely squashed all excitement about anything mobile. But then…my AT&T contract ends and in walks my Motorola Droid. It’s not just inspired me to do a complete overhaul of my tech needs, but of my whole self…a kind of computerized mid-life crisis. I guess it sounds pretty bizarre, huh?

This blog is my playground. No big expectations, just fun for now. At the very least, I’ll teach myself blogging and WordPress…lol, but just maybe it’ll lead to much more than that.

Here goes.


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