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The trouble with location-based features, from a female perspective…

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The other day I was walking my dog while listening to music on my phone. As I went to change songs, I noticed an ad at the bottom of the app. It was for pet sitting services in my town. MY TOWN?? My heart skipped a beat. Subtle paranoia set in. Looking around I thought…who the hell knows I’m out here with my dog and decided to hit me up with an ad??

Mr. Madison Ave. is getting dangerously close. Now granted, not every dude or person wants to do harm. But for every tons of good folks out there, it only takes one to screw it up. For me, a complimentary beverage or badge isn’t worth the attention of Mr. Stalker across the bar. It just plain creeps me out.

A little harsh? Maybe. Paranoid? Probably. But just my gut. If you’re female and feel differently, by all means tell me.


“Google Android to Pass iPhone Worldwide by 2012”

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See the article here

Hello Blog? You have a message.

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A new feature offered by WordPress….what do you think?! Should I delete and never do again? The clip is about 2 minutes in length. Hmmm…to be determined I guess.

Please be gentle.