And female. Is there hope?

And you thought facebook was an invasion of privacy…

In Facebook, Privacy issues, Privacy policy, Social aggregator, Social media, Spokeo on May 18, 2010 at 10:47 pm

Want to freak out? Pay a visit to and type in your name. You’ll likely find yourself listed, and when you do, realize you’ve just met your internet stalker. Spokeo is just one of many social network aggregators, and the level of info it has on a person is frightening. For starters, it gives your age, marital status, zodiac sign, if you have children, and the type of neighborhood you live in (middle, affluent, wealthy). Then it goes on to list your likes and dislikes (enjoys shopping, reads magazines, cares about health, watches news), and the names of others that live with you. If you’re really curious, you can pay for a membership which I believe gives you whole other layer of intimate detail.

I learned about this site from a guy I was dating who said he plugged in my name. It sorta skeeved me out and should have been a red flag. (We’re not together anymore… yeah, trust issues obviously).

Regardless, just one more example of privacy flying out the window.


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