And female. Is there hope?

Need help tracking your menstrual cycle? Try this app…

In Android 2.0, Android Marketplace, apps, menstrual cycle, Motorola Droid, period, PMS on May 11, 2010 at 6:05 pm

I was hesitant to download it, but the My Days app on the Android  market is pretty cool. It tracks the following; when your period starts, when it ends, when your next one is due, when you have sex, when your most fertile, when you’re ovulating, and when you take the pill. Wow.

My biggest issue with this app is that some stranger, somewhere, now knows when I’m PMSing. God forbid I open the app and see an ad for tampons in the future, as that would  mean some brand manager for Kotex knows my cycle too. But I digress…

The app is very straight forward. I entered the first and last day that Aunt Flow visited. To throw a wrench into things, I reported I had sex 5x as much as I really do just to see what would happen. After entering this info, it seemed like the app did nothing. But then I flipped to the next month and aha…there it was….the day I would likely ovulate and those when I was “highly fertile.” Wild.

I then went back and erased most of the days I “reportedly” had sex and nothing changed. I guess this feature is for my info, or I have yet to figure it out.

Overall it felt very different to have such info in the palm of my hand. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to my gyno and gone blank when my doctor asks “So when was your last period?”

Problem solved.

  1. LOL, makes me want to get the Android just to have this app handy then 😆 All I get are the crummy iPhone apps 😀 Was this particular program free or did it cost money?

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