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What is alphainventions?

In Beginner Wordpress, Beginning blogging, Blog Comment spam, Blog referrals, Blog stats, Blog views, Referral spam on April 21, 2010 at 8:27 am

I’ve been blogging only a short while and fairly obsessed with stats (just posted about it earlier). As I’m learning some lessons about spam the hard way, I need a straight answer. Is alphainventions spam? I clicked on it, got some ad of theirs, then got bounced to someone’s blog, tried to scroll down, then got bounced to another blog. Immediately my virus sensors went off and I closed the window.

My concern – if someone views my blog because another site took them there for a moment then bounced them to another blog quickly after, is this a good thing? In all honesty, the view of the blog I got bounced to was so short-lived and confusing to me that I can’t even recall what blog I even saw. Maybe its really alphainventions promoting themselves by getting in my referral stats? I’m confused.

Again, I’m new at this. Maybe its good? But maybe it’s not!


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