And female. Is there hope?

First visit to Verizon to see the Droid

In AT&T on November 13, 2009 at 8:40 pm

I checked out the Droid the day it went on sale. Two surprises. First, I was the only customer in the cramped store looking at the Droid. (Huh?) And two, the salesman helping me had never even tried the phone. What is Verizon thinking? I do give him credit though, as we spent an hour together. I think he learned a lot himself (on 4 occasions he had to “ask someone in the back” to find answers to my questions).

Some first female impressions:

  1. The physical design is not real pretty. Manly, actually.
  2. The full keyboard, while a nice option, was difficult to use with my nails. Granted, the touchscreen option was equally challenging. While I’ve since trimmed my nails…it was a buzzkill initially.
  3. Comprehending even the most basic of features was pretty overwhelming. The salesman hit wrong keys…opened up wrong windows. I kept thinking, wait, what did he just do?? Suddenly it  was all greek.

I ended up in a sweat after an hour. So did the sales guy. I didn’t buy it. Instead I decided to “wait and see”…


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