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Game on.

In Motorola Droid, Verizon Motorola Droid on November 22, 2009 at 3:41 pm

Just so you have an official baseline of my tech level/habits/usage, the following lists the extent of my “techdom” as of today.

  • Cellphone: Sony Ericsson W580i. Bought it in October of 08 to listen to music and make calls. Played maybe 8 songs over the 2 1/2 years I’ve owned it. Use just for calls and texting.
  • Computer: A horse of a Dell desktop at home. Probably 5 years old. Use it for creating documents, internet, storing pics and music. Very slow. Near death.
  • Laptop: Mac  iBook – A friend of mine belongs to the MAC cult and talked me into buying a refurbished one. Then the MacBook Pro comes out shortly after. Now I’m still lugging the 13-pounder around to libraries, etc. Use mostly for internet access, creating documents, and trying to look hip.
  • MP3 player: Creative Zen Stone. Cheap but functional. Music only. Pretty reliable but slightly embarrassing to be seen with at the gym.
  • LinkedIn Account – Joined 4 years ago. 2 connections. Last sign in was probably, well, 4 years ago.
  • Facebook – Joined Sept 09. One picture. Total lock down with almost no information on profile. Joined mainly to reconnect with high school friends just before reunion in Oct. 09. Can’t remember the last time I signed in. Reunion was just ok.

From the above list you can see I under-utilize. Horribly. Gotta change that.


First visit to Verizon to see the Droid

In AT&T on November 13, 2009 at 8:40 pm

I checked out the Droid the day it went on sale. Two surprises. First, I was the only customer in the cramped store looking at the Droid. (Huh?) And two, the salesman helping me had never even tried the phone. What is Verizon thinking? I do give him credit though, as we spent an hour together. I think he learned a lot himself (on 4 occasions he had to “ask someone in the back” to find answers to my questions).

Some first female impressions:

  1. The physical design is not real pretty. Manly, actually.
  2. The full keyboard, while a nice option, was difficult to use with my nails. Granted, the touchscreen option was equally challenging. While I’ve since trimmed my nails…it was a buzzkill initially.
  3. Comprehending even the most basic of features was pretty overwhelming. The salesman hit wrong keys…opened up wrong windows. I kept thinking, wait, what did he just do?? Suddenly it  was all greek.

I ended up in a sweat after an hour. So did the sales guy. I didn’t buy it. Instead I decided to “wait and see”…